Fully Automated and Managed DDoS Mitigation Products

Staminus’ patent-pending DDoS Protection technology makes its Secure line of products the most advanced automated global DDoS mitigation solution in the world. SecureNet is the culmination of over 15 years of continuous research and development and is still updated daily to stay two steps ahead of malicious attacks. The proprietary technology powering SecureNet enables the system to operate independently of any third-party solutions, as well as retaining full redundancy rather than relying on any single network provider.

In addition to being fully managed and globally redundant, Staminus Secure Line of solutions automatically mitigate any attack without outside intervention. Other DDoS solutions require manual activation and adjusting that results in unwanted downtime. Staminus removes the stress of DDoS by immediately mitigating attacks while keeping you updated with attack reports sent directly to your e-mail or client panel through our detailed API.

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SecureNet Cloud Mitigation

Staminus’ SecureNet mitigation is a cloud-based service that allows your services to be protected through Staminus’ cloud. With the constant feed of new security information from Staminus, this service is ideal for protection against known and new DDoS threats on the internet.

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SecureSentry Monitoring

Staminus’ SecureSentry monitoring appliance monitors the incoming traffic for DDoS attacks, giving the user the option to swing the attack into a cloud based mitigation plan, or to automatically shut off the traffic for the protection of your network.

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SecureShield Mitigation

Staminus’ SecureShield mitigation box is hardware designed to not only watch your incoming traffic for DDoS attacks, but is also capable of mitigating them independently of the Staminus cloud network, making it ideal for heavy traffic environments and direct-to-infrastructure mitigation.

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We at Staminus focus on custom solutions for each market. Here's just a few industries we work with.

e commerceOnline Retail

Financial Institutions



datacenterData Centers

Nonprofit Organizations


Broad Spectrum Mitigation

We protect every server / all ports from any attack. Attack Signatures / Heuristic Based Mitigation

Fully Automated and Collaborative Security

Our entire network talks to each other providing access to live up to date information about bad IPs and new DDoS attacks. No waiting for patches. All mitigation is automated, including BGP swings from appliance to cloud.

Real Time Reporting and Management

See live attack reports, notifications, update firewall rules, open tickets, see blocked IPs.

24×7 Support

Our SOC is staffed with DDoS experts, no matter what time of day. No waiting on hold to find the right person. The first person you talk to can start assisting you and get you back to your business. Policy Tuning, Attack reporting, etc etc.

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