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Anycast Global Network

Eliminating the threat to your business as close to its source is paramount when mitigating attacks. Staminus accomplishes this by placing mitigation PoPs in key aggregation points in the US and abroad. This distribution allows us to mitigate the largest of DDoS amplification attacks while also providing our clients the lowest latency possible.

Proprietary Mitigation Technology

Unique in the industry, Staminus offers a seamless integration between the cloud and local appliance for the best hybrid solution on the market. We have spent over a decade developing our own DDoS mitigation technology and we are free of the restrictions of expensive third-party hardware. Let Staminus help define and implement your perfect mitigation plan.

A Company Policy of Assurance

Your business can’t afford to go offline, ever! That’s why Staminus has designed a fully global redundant network, staff DDoS experts 24/7, and offer the best SLA in the industry.

Stopping DDoS in its tracks

Powered by an ever-expanding global network dedicated to DDoS mitigation and multiple patent-pending mitigation technologies, Staminus helps enterprises, ISPs, small and medium businesses, financial institutions, and even casual gamers protect their services’ availability from DDoS attacks.

With over a decade of constant development, Staminus’ protection outshines other mitigation solutions in performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability. Mitigating tens of thousands of attacks per week, for thousands of customers and clients from over 100 countries, all industries choose Staminus to safeguard their mission-critical services.


Our clients are industry leaders.

We are honored to serve and share the same name space as these professionals, and many more.

"Their protection has helped us to grow and assure our customers that we have a solid and secure network able to stand up to even the most drastic DDoS attack."

− Lucas Vanzin, Director at EVEO

"Their support team is so dedicated to their jobs that they now personally call me if I put in a high priority support ticket."

− Francisco Diaz, Owner of BuyVM and Frantech Solutions

"Their advanced tools allow for quick, specialized adjustments for application specific protection that put it above other products in the market. Great team, great product."

− Karl Zimmerman, CEO at Steadfast Networks

"Staminus has proven to be an extremely valuable partner to Cloudnexion and our clients. Staminus has proven to cost effectively help our customers keep their mission critical networks online."

− Jake Cummins, President at Cloudnexion

"Staminus is exactly what a service provider is looking for and more. Staminus’ monitoring and mitigation is standalone, requiring no direct access to routers, and attack mitigation is automatic so no additional personnel is required."

− Barry Dykes, Vice President of Network Services at ViaWest, Inc.